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Soraya Wilkinson-Wyke

Over the last 2 decades Soraya has worked as a professional Television Presenter, Voice-Over artist and TV Pundit.


Seen and heard regularly on Sky TV, she’s also been a main contributor to programmes and series broadcast on ITV2, BBC1 and BBC2.


Her voice-over credits are countless (most aired on Sky TV channels) but also Channel 4, ITV1, and House FM.


As a Central London dweller and fashionista with a very interesting upbringing, UK media and publications have sought her opinion on anything and everything with photo shoots, interviews and reviews appearing in Marie Claire, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Psychologies, Heat, Fabulous, The Guardian Guide, The Evening Standard, The Daily Star, Ministry of Sound magazine… 


Her informed and intelligent technique and personal style has lent itself well to live TV, where her smart thinking and off the cuff comments create a controlled, unflustered and relaxed studio environment for all to work in.

Always aware that the edginess of live TV is what makes it fresh, current and exciting she also manages to bring these qualities to her many pre-recorded interviews with some top movers and shakers of the fashion, music, film and even street art world!


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